With our experience servicing ROG Z’s, we have developed a comprehensive marketing plan that essentially provides your brokerage with an in-house marketing agency that will assist you in overcoming obstacles and reaching your goals more efficiently. Our SMONE plan aims to increase brand EXPOSURE, help RECRUIT and RETAIN agents, and ELIMINATE COMMON PAIN POINTS, allowing you to have to ensure a smoother journey towards success, all at a fraction of the cost of hiring a single social media manager and the time it takes to instill your COOLTURE in them.



It’s custom content that is created as per your request that helps retain agents by celebrating them and highlighting their successes and efforts. By making agents feel valued, it showcases your brokerage’s nature, which aids in your recruiting efforts.

We count on you for most information for secondary content. We’ll remind you for specific categories, for others, you will need to notify us. Requests typically have a 6-hour turnaround time, but for special requests, allow 24 hours. Once the request is designed your dedicated team will program the content to post on your social media accounts..

Your office will be assigned a dedicated designer to fulfill all your requests. Additionally, we regularly introduce new designs and templates, giving you the flexibility to change styles whenever desired. Requests may cover occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, monthly awards, welcoming new agents, and office events and announcements.

ONE cast

We meticulously plan a content strategy for three months, encompassing topics, key talking points, and video initiation suggestions. This extended planning period allows brokers to record their videos and to also coordinate with real estate agents or vendors to contribute to the videos.
Once the videos are recorded, they are sent to us for editing and captioning. Our team ensures that the videos are polished and visually appealing.
After editing, the videos are programmed and scheduled for release across your social media platforms, maximizing their reach and engagement.

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Consistently create content


Our strategy focuses on RAISING the B.A.R. with content centered on Branding, Attracting, and Retaining. R Creative Agency crafts compelling social media content for your brokerage, ensuring you have a solid monthly content calendar. With our SMONE Plan, our dedicated team crafts killer strategies, catchy captions, eye-catching designs, and engaging videos to make your brokerage stand out and drive engagement. We’ve got your back!

Content Pilars

At R Creative Agency , we understand the importance of aligning the content strategy with amazing designs that complement the ROG brand, and your COOLTURE.

By humanizing and incorporating the ROG brand into the design, we are able to create visually appealing messages and experiences that resonate with your target customers.

Our commitment and dedication to keeping up the GOLD STANDARD with amazing designs ensures that the ROG brand is consistently represented in a compelling and memorable way.

After designing the main content, we move on to programming it for the upcoming month using our scheduling system. We ensure that each piece of content is scheduled to go out on the designated days. As a result, your calendar will feature consistent content from Monday to Friday, leaving you with ONE less thing to worry about.


You grant us access to your email account and agent contact list, and we handle the rest. We strategize, design, and manage your email campaigns, sending monthly emails showcasing brand tools, services, and benefits. This is included in our SMONE plans.

With all the content being created, R Creative Agency will assist you in devising a social media boosting plan. This strategy targets audiences beyond your current following who have not yet seen your posts. We offer a credit for this in all SMONE plans. 

We specialize in crafting effective ad strategies and creating compelling designs and videos for clients to use in their campaigns. Additionally, we offer ad spend management services for clients who require assistance in optimizing their advertising budget.  This service is not included in SMONE plans but can be added for an extra cost.